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[AllviA Edu] Sign Up As a Teacher and Participate the Event!

Feel free to join the EVENT!

AllviA prepared a special event for teachers. Just by signing up on our website, you can try AllviA solutions for free even if you are not a teacher. After signing up as a teacher on our website, you can win a prize through a lottery if you leave a review! The more detailed feedback and review you leave, the higher chance you will win a prize. Don’t hesitate to join the event.

[Event Details] 

  • When : Nov 16th to Dec 6th , 2023 
  • Prizewinner Announcement : December 11th 2023, 5:00pm KST. 
  • Prize : Amazon $10 gift card for 10 participants (winners will be chosen at random)

[How to participate in the event]

Step 1. Sign up as a teacher and try our AllviA solutions for free.

Step 2. Leave a review or feedback of our solutions on google form.
※ The more detailed the feedback, the higher the chance of winning!

AllviA is a global EdTech solution developed by VISANG EDUCATION, a leader in the education field in South Korea. Our products empower teachers to create innovative teaching environments and foster enriching learning experiences. With AllviA, you can experience outstanding LMS functions, diverse multimedia content, and innovative curriculum composition, all within a single program!

We are thrilled to throw an event. Hope many of you will visit our AllviA website, sign up, try our solutions and participate in the event!

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