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Introducing Key Features of Challenge-1 AR Activities

Challenge transforms learning English for children into a fascinating journey through its engaging design and AR technology.

Challenge: Engaging Digital Early Childhood English Education

Check out the AR activities of Challenge, AllviA’s interactive English learning program.

Your children can experience interactive learning in English with their smart devices, like playing games.

We are making some of Challenge AR’s content available to everyone without a membership. Check out what you can play in the Challenge AR app. Download the app and materials, and experience the app with your children or colleagues.

Key Elements of Effective English Learning for Young Children

You can find these interactive activities in the Challenge AR application.

1. AR Coloring

Color the picture and scan the coloring page. Then you can see live 3D pictures.

2. AR Reading

Scan the AR reading page and enjoy the book.

3. AR Speaking

After listening to stories, record your children’s voices.

4. AR Word Quiz

After listening to the words, your kids can look for matching pictures.

5. AR Camera

Take a photo with 3D characters.

Challenge: Transforming Early Childhood English Learning with Innovation

Embrace the Future of Learning: Discover How Challenge Revolutionizes Early Childhood English Education
Unlock the full potential of early childhood English education with the Challenge program, a revolutionary blend of interactive technologies, balanced reading approaches, and engaging activities tailored for young learners. This innovative program not only transforms traditional learning methods but also fosters a fun and immersive environment that captures the imagination of children. Dive into the future of education with Challenge and witness a world where learning is an exciting adventure, not just a routine. Experience the difference today and see how Challenge is reshaping the landscape of digital English education for the leaders of tomorrow.

반짝이는 별Highlight: Transformative Features of Challenge in Digital Early Childhood English Education반짝이는 별

  • Innovative AR Content: Utilize cutting-edge digital technologies to create an immersive and interactive learning environment.
  • Engaging and Interactive Activities: Various activities, including phonics games, reading plays, and song activities, keep learning fun and effective.
  • Accessibility and Ease of Use: easy access through the Challenge AR app, with some content available without membership.

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