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Asia’s Largest Edtech Exhibition: Interview with Visang business development manager

Thank you for joining us at the forefront of innovation in education.

Q. Please provide us a simple self-reference and resignation from AllviA.

Hello, my name is Park Soyoung CP, and I am in charge of global business development at the Visang Education. My role is to introduce AllviA Solutions’ digital education products to a diverse variety of educational professionals throughout the world and to help them fulfill their contracts by taking advantage of economic prospects.

Q. What was the overall scale of the exhibition booth? Was there any memorable booths that you remember?

EDUtech Asia 2023 was hosted in Mariana Bay Sands, Singapore, with over 5,300 people, 178 firms exhibiting their products, and 408 presenters discussing Edtech. The exhibition was primarily attended by educational companies offering Edtech solutions such as ICT solutions, Learning solutions, Management tools, E-Learning/Remote learning, app development, library management solutions, and a variety of products such as technology-oriented classroom furniture (furniture, facilities management tool for school). Classin’s booth was, in my opinion, the most remarkable of the companies who participated in the event. Every hour, online education using the solution and presentations about the future of education with Edtech were held in the booth, allowing participants the opportunity to discuss the future direction of education. In the booth, we were not only presenting our products, but also discussing in depth the future direction of our education, allowing us to understand what thoughts the company had in building and developing its products.

Q. Was there any peculiarity or specialty in the 2023 exhibition? In the composition of booths and seminars.

The 23rd Edtech Asia show was unique in that it was driven by an AI-powered networking app. The app not only allowed the exhibitors to know their information ahead of time, but it also allowed them to exchange information about the firms and stakeholders they consulted without the need for a particular card exchange by providing each visitor with a scan code and scanning it with the app. This helped educators around Asia to provide more effective leadership before, during, and after events, allowing marketing and company development to progress smoothly.

Q. What was the focus of the AllviA booth during this year’s exhibition?

The booth at this year’s exhibition was separated into zones so that last year’s participants and visitors could be examined and products could be introduced based on visitor needs. The consultation table and demonstration site were placed close to each other to facilitate consultation with important education officials and buyers, and an experience zone was installed at the booth’s entrance so that more education officials, students, and teachers could experience AllviA’s products in person and Challenge AR contents. When many visitors observed the AR elements of the challenge in situations that may easily be neglected, it provided an opportunity for them to become more interested in the digital contents of emergency education. This prompted extensive interaction with diverse stakeholders.

Q. Are there any companies that have met with the demonstration at the event and can share their experiences?

Visang Education arranged meetings with edtech firms and officials from ten countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia, in order to explore opportunities for collaboration with international schools and digital education product distributors. Following the conference, there will be additional consultations with HBR HOLDINGS, which targets 20 million Vietnamese online education learners, and Lumina Education in Indonesia, which manages 44 k-12 schools.

Q. Do you have any memorable moments from the AllviA booth and show preparations?

The entire furniture tone and booth tone in blue and white are based on AllviA’s brand-specific guidelines. The day before the exhibition, it was time to verify and place the furniture that had been ordered by the rental agency. I almost panicked when the delivery of three desks turned brown. I initially felt it was their fault, but after double-checking, I discovered it was my fault. Fortunately, I was able to place my apologies on the topic side and in the same white furniture.

Q. What was the topic and content of Jayme CP’s participation in the exhibition seminar as a representative of Visang education?

On the second conference day, Visang Education described the future-oriented two-way class system with Jayme Brown’s “The Future Education Classroom: The Interactive Class System (ICS)” talk. We successfully completed a presentation demonstrating the importance of special education in the field of educational technology, based on examples of pilot programs that have been implemented in real life, and a program to maximize the effectiveness of learning on the AlllviA platform.

Q. Please let us know how you feel about attending Edutech Asia 2023 in Singapore.

Personally, I believe this exhibition was much more meaningful to me because it was the first global exhibition I went as a participant rather than a visitor. Once again, I recognized that a two-day exhibition would necessitate the involvement of small and major overseas business teams over a two-month period. Despite being only two days long, the show provided an excellent opportunity to meet and network with a wide range of educational stakeholders from across Asia.

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