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Engaging Word Learning Process in ELiF

Elevate English learning with ELiF: customized word selection, engaging videos, and dynamic quizzes in a 20-minute English session!
Elevate English learning with ELiF: customized word selection, engaging videos, and dynamic quizzes in a 20-minute English session!

Introduction to Engaging Word Learning in EliF

Engaging word learning in ELiF revolutionizes how students learn words.
How does ELiF, AllviA’s elementary interactive English learning program, teach words?
Discover the innovative and interactive vocabulary learning method with ELiF’s structured 20-minute session.
This three-step process caters to various learning styles, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each word.

Step 1: Word Check (5 min): Customizing vocabulary for engaging class

Teachers can choose which words to study in a word activity. Sometimes, you can learn all the keywords or words you need.

Step 2: Word Explanation Activities (10 min): A Deep Dive into Vocabulary

Word Explanation:
Once you’ve selected a word for your teacher to teach, the learning begins earnestly. You can watch videos of pronunciation, meaning, and example sentences while learning the word. For every word you know in ELiF, you can see the sound, meaning, and usage recorded by native speakers, and you can also see how the word is used in real life by watching videos shot in English-speaking countries.

Step 3: Word Quiz (5 min): Assessing and Reinforcing Learning

Instant Grading for Effective Feedback:
At the end of the activity, take the quiz to see what you learned today. The quiz is divided into four categories: sound, meaning, spelling, and usage. Students can work individually or in teams to solve the questions as if they were in a competition, which keeps them engaged. Students’ answers are automatically graded at the end of the quiz, so you can immediately identify students’ weaknesses.

Getting Started with ELiF: Easy Access to Quality Education

Follow these simple steps to get a firsthand experience of ELiF. After selecting the button below, choose ‘Step 3 In-Class’, and then click on ‘Jumper Year 2’ in Step 4. This will lead you directly to a demo of ELiF’s Word activity, which you can try without any obligation to sign up.

Teachers are invited to sign up for a 15-day trial class to experience all of ELiF’s features fully. Sign up for a free trial by clicking the button below, and experience all the features of ELiF by becoming a member of AllviA.

Learn more about ELiF, which was nominated for several Edtech exhibitions. By visiting the ELiF promo page, you can learn more about the program’s teaching approach.

곰 얼굴 Key Educational Benefits of ELiF 곰 얼굴

  • Customized Learning: Tailored vocabulary selection allows teachers to focus on student-specific needs, enhancing personalized learning experiences.
  • Interactive and Practical: Videos with native speakers and real-life examples ensure immersive and practical language acquisition.
  • Practical Assessment: The diverse quiz categories, along with instant grading, provide comprehensive feedback, fostering continuous learning improvement.

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