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Meet our global partner campus in Vietnam!

Experience innovative English learning at our Vietnam campus with Wings and ELiF, blending technology and expertise for young learners!
Experience innovative English learning at our Vietnam campus with Wings and ELiF, blending technology and expertise for young learners!

A Global Partnership in Education

Welcome to our global partner campus in Vietnam, the American Learning Lab, an innovative educational hub in Ho Chi Minh City. With Visang’s engaging digital learning programs, Wings and ELiF, students began an exciting language acquisition journey.

Interactive English Learning from Kindergarten to Elementary

At the American Learning Lab, we specialize in English language instruction for young learners. Our curriculum, featuring Visang’s Wings and ELiF programs, is tailored for kindergarten through elementary school students, fostering a solid foundation in English from an early age.

Expanding Horizons with Oxford Discover Futures

Continuing our commitment to educational excellence, we’ve recently integrated Oxford Discover Futures, an advanced secondary program. This new addition expands our reach, allowing older students to experience innovative learning methodologies in a trial class setting.

Classroom Innovation: Smartboards and Real-Time Interaction

Our classrooms have the latest technology to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment, including smartboards and traditional blackboards. This setup allows students to engage in real-time interactions with their teachers through tablets, enhancing their English learning experience with various in-class activities.

Parental Involvement: Tracking Progress Through an App

We believe in keeping parents informed and involved in their child’s educational journey. Our student app gives parents insights into their child’s learning outcomes, ensuring they participate in this transformative educational process.

Expert Teaching Staff: Native Speakers and Local Talent

Our faculty, consisting of native English-speaking teachers supported by talented Vietnamese sub-teachers, is our pride. This blend ensures linguistic proficiency and cultural relevance in our teaching methods.

Preparing Educators for Excellence

Our native teachers undergo extensive training in various Visang programs. They are dedicated to crafting high-quality, research-backed lessons, ensuring that each class meets our stringent standards of educational excellence.

Looking to the Future: Expanding Our Reach

As we celebrate the success of Wings and ELiF in Vietnam, we are excited about the prospect of introducing these programs to more countries. Our vision is to globalize this innovative model of language education, making quality English learning accessible to students worldwide.

전등Enhancing Classroom Learning전등

  • Technological Integration in Classrooms학교:
    Our innovative use of smartboards and tablets facilitates interactive and engaging learning experiences, making English lessons dynamic and effective.

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