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EdTech Event at Visang: Empowering Asia’s Future

Visang's EdTech Event in Seoul: Showcasing Digital Learning Innovations and Fostering East Asian Partnerships
Visang's EdTech Event in Seoul: Showcasing Digital Learning Innovations and Fostering East Asian Partnerships

A Global Gathering at Visang Education

Join us in exploring Visang Education’s recent event about Edtech at the Visang headquarters in Seoul. Visang was selected as the central visiting organization for the “KDI-WB Visit Korea Digital Capacity Enhancement Training” to strengthen digital capabilities in the East Asia-Pacific region. So, on December 7th, we held a visit event for critical figures and World Bank officials from the three East Asian countries at its headquarters. Hosting key figures from Mongolia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, this event highlighted “Digital Education Transformation.”

박 터뜨리기세계 지도 Event Highlights 세계 지도박 터뜨리기

  • Global EdTech Leadership: Showcased top products, engaging Asia’s education leaders.
  • Innovative Learning Tools: Demonstrated Math Alive, Oxford Discover, and Master K.
  • International Endorsements: Earned global praise for advancing digital education.

Unveiling the Future of Digital Education

The event kicked off with an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. Our host, Adam, welcomed the delegates with an introduction that set the tone for a day of insightful presentations and innovative demonstrations of Visangs’s Edtech programs.

Visang’s EdTech Solutions on Display

Visang presented the leading knowledge required for the digital transformation of education under the theme “Visang’s Digital Transformation Success Cases, Edutech Overseas Expansion Cases.”
Visang presented Visang’s success stories in digitalizing education.

Interactive EdTech Product Demos

The spotlight was on our flagship products, Math Alive, Oxford Discover, and Master K, illustrating our prowess in integrating technology with education. The heart of the event was the live demonstration of our products. Hazel and Heidi showcased the interactive features, providing attendees with hands-on experience with our revolutionary educational tools.

Forging Knowledge Partnerships for EdTech

Beyond showcasing products, this event was about forging long-term knowledge partnerships. We shared our journey as a premier education content provider, paving the way for future collaborations in the East Asian education sector.

Voices of Global Leaders of EdTech

Participants highly appreciated our Edtech technology and products experienced through the event. Praise came from various officials who recognized the significance of our digital solutions in enhancing children’s learning experiences. An official from the Philippine Technical Education Development Administration (TESDA) said, “The visit to Visang Education was a meaningful time to gain the most insight into the tech field.” An official from Indonesia’s History of Public Works and Housing emphasized, “The event held at Visang Education was impressive,” and said, “Visang Education developed a digital education that satisfies the basic needs of children, called ‘play,’ and through this, it was impressive to develop a program that meets both learning effects and fun.”

Towards a Bright Future of EdTech

As the event concluded with a commemorative photo, we looked back at the achievements and looked forward to the journey ahead. This gathering was more than an event; it celebrated digital education’s transformative power.

Visang's EdTech Event in Seoul: Showcasing Digital Learning Innovations and Fostering East Asian Partnerships

Your Invitation to Explore Visang! Join the Edtech Innovation

We invite you to learn more about our innovative solutions and dedication to global education. Visit our AllviA website for more insights into our digital education products.

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