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AllviA’s Impact on Education: The Changes You’ll See in the Classroom

Smart learning solution from Ed-Tech Company VISANG
The impact and change of the ed-tech solution on the classroom

VISANG EDUCATION started as a one-person startup and has a history of 25 years in the publishing industry. The textbook market for academies and self-study has been pioneered by VISANG EDUCATION, which has brought a new sensation to the Korean education industry. Recently, traditional one-way classrooms are being transformed into interactive classes as IT technology progresses. AllviA is a smart learning solution from EdTech company VISANG EDUCATION. To what extent will the classroom change after adopting AllviA?

High efficiency with AllviA’s personalized learning

In traditional education, all schools had been committed to follow the regular curriculum. They received comprehensive contents, followed by the curriculum that had already been set, which could only be effective for one-way education. This provided integrated materials that do not consider students’ learning tendencies, abilities, or interests. Some students might have difficulty keeping up with their progress and easily get bored with it. 

On the contrary, personalized learning takes into account the differences in an individual’s learning tendencies and abilities. This maximizes the learning effect by providing a learning experience tailored to each individual. AllviA’s smart learning solution provides a personalized learning experience that is customized to the particular needs of an individual’s learning style, preferences, and achievements, which allows students to have a positive attitude towards learning while developing their confidence in learning.

The role of AllviA for perfect personal chemical learning

The teacher’s role in personalized learning 

The core factors of personalized learning are as follow:

  • Flexible content and tools
  • Targeting
  • Data driven decision
  • Self-examination

In personalized learning, teachers, as leaders, are required to differentiate strategies and methods that work based on an individual’s preferences and interests. AllviA suggests solutions for differentiated classrooms to help teachers so that students can lead learning themselves.

The AllviA class accumulates data at the LMS over the students’ class participation, such as answering a quizz or submitting assignments. In line with this, teachers can lead the class by providing relevant assignments referring to the data, where the class can meet the individual’s level of understanding.

Student engagement with AllviA’s Interactive training 

AllviA’s smart learning solution provides an interactive learning environment. The level of completion of the class is filled with a great interest from the students. On the other hand, students who easily divide their attention use technology more often than before.

AllviA aims for an interactive education form in which interactive activities are added to the traditional learning method. It involves incorporating games, virtual reality, and other interactive tools with tablet PCs or AR/MR technology to make learning more fun and exciting. AllviA’s class enables students to take responsibility for their learning while expressing their thoughts verbally and considering alternative perspectives.

VISANG EDUCATION’s interactive class system (ICS) is being used as a digital solution. The key is that students are accessible while they are taking classes. Once teachers logs into the ICS, they can analyze the data accumulated from learning activities according to their subjects, which is transmitted to the LMS and utilized for class information. Accordingly, this can be applied to assessment contents that are suitable for each student’s individual level.

Why interactive teaching is important?

Interactive immersion education appeals to parents who expect educational outcomes for their children. Children learn best from rich social interactions with others. These interactions allow them to share interests and create bonds.

Through the social interaction of two-way learning, students share ideas on various topics. This student-led based learning process enables them to increase self-directed learning capability.

AllviA’s online education platform through region and age

AllviA, established by VISANG EDUCATION with more than 25 years of experience in the education industry, provides a smart learning solution. Smart learning solutions make education more accessible to students across regions and ages. AllviA has structured an online video education environment by introducing the Zoom solution with greater accessibility.

Introduce AllviA solutions to change your classroom smarter.

Are you looking for an educational solution you can implement right away? 

With EdTech becoming a trend, are you looking for a solution that can be introduced right away? If so, be sure to consider the following: 

  • Target Audience: You need to make sure that the EdTech solution is designed for both students and teachers. AllviA supports both of them, providing personalized learning with digital teaching methods. You may also need to make sure it fits into a specific age group with which they can communicate, and this is designed to allow parents to visually check on their child’s progress and learning outcomes. 
  • Content and curriculum: content and curriculum of an EdTech solution must be consistent with students’ learning goals. AllivA has structured an online learning platform with an age-appropriate grade level.  
  • Technology: The meeting of technology and education is rapidly growing in the field of education with the concept of EdTech. AllviA’s contents are available on PCs and tablets. 
  • Effect: It is essential that learning material draw individual’s learning ability and good outcomes. AllviA measures the rate of achievement, inducing participation. 
  • Implementation and Support: You must consider the level of support and resources needed to implement the solution. AllviA supports teachers and administrators with technical assistance and contact details through the homepage.
  • Cost: please read more to the end!

Please click the link below to find out more information about education’s curriculum and solutions.

Learning outcome from AllviA’s smart learning solution

AllviA’s smart learning solution helps teachers improve performance by providing real-time feedback and analysis. It also enables teachers to identify areas where students are struggling. As a result, they can navigate within the process to improve students’ performances.

Research has shown that digital equipment, tools, and resources can increase the speed and depth of learning for primary and secondary school learners. It is also effective in improving skills such as math and science, as well as literacy and writing. Learners, especially with digital resources, spend more time and effort on active learning and increase opportunities for active learning. Hess (2014) examined the impact of using e-books in the classroom among 9–10-year-olds in the US. Learners who used this digital resource saw significant improvements in their reading assessment scores. Another study showed that learning programs that integrate an interactive core curriculum with digital education platforms improved their performances and increased active teacher-learner interaction. Likewise, differentiated processes with technologies can draw active engagement.

Changes teachers will feel when introducing an EdTech solution

Teachers who have adopted EdTech solutions say it provides a differentiated education on digital resources, which are available to reflect a student’s profile and personal information on teaching strategies for each class. Introducing EdTech can differentiate the education environment, reflecting on individuals’ training processes.

It can also streamline administrative tasks such as grading, attendance confirmation, and lesson planning, which allows teachers to focus more on teaching and student engagement. Further, it provides individualized feedback and assessment based on the student’s learning needs and progress. It takes the role of an assistant with the curriculum prepared by teachers to complete personalized learning.

Adopting an EdTech solution means becoming familiar with new technology tools. Teachers can enhance the quality of the learning experience by utilizing multimedia resources such as simulations and virtual labs. Teachers who know the effectiveness of EdTech solutions have strived for maximum professional development, keeping practices on technology up-to-date.

Allvia Solution completes the interactive class system

Complete cost-effective education through the introduction of AllviA

Smart learning solutions are cost-effective compared to traditional classroom teaching methods in that they can reduce spending on textbooks, recycled paper, and other instructional materials by 23.5% of all waste generated by schools. Online courses and digital textbooks are more affordable and accessible to students than traditional textbooks or in-person classes. Find out below why smart learning solutions are cost-effective and affordable.

  • Automated administrative tasks

EdTech solutions automate routine administrative tasks such as attendance confirmation, grading marks, and evaluation administration, which saves teachers time and reduces the risk of error. It also helps teachers focus more on teaching and student engagement. Teachers can cooperate between themselves on lesson planning, grading, and other tasks, saving time by avoiding duplication of work and facilitating the sharing of best practices.

  • Centralized Data Management

Centralize your data management with AllviA’s EdTech solution. It helps teachers easily access the progress of students, which increases cooperation between teachers through sharing and improves performance.

EdTech solutions provide individualized assessments and resources based on students’ learning needs. Teachers can easily see what students need. This improves efficiency by reducing time spent on irrelevant or unnecessary activities.

  • Simplified Lesson Plans

EdTech solutions have ready-made plans for each place. This enables users to save time and effort on lesson plans, activities, and assessments.

EdTech is now the most profitable educational item

EdTech is the most profitable education business item at the moment. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted many schools and universities to remote learning. This is driving a growing demand for online education and digital learning solutions. It is expected to continue to grow as more students seek flexible and personalized learning. 

EdTech solutions are accessible to users, serving thousands or millions of learners simultaneously. This scalability reduces costs and increases profitability as your business grows. Additionally, you can diversify your revenue stream by offering a variety of products and services, such as online courses and digital textbooks. If you are looking for a new item in your educational business, you should consider introducing EdTech to mitigate risk and stabilize your revenue stream. 

AllviA that lead the EdTech trend

EdTech companies can build an effective learning environment by utilizing innovative technologies such as AI, machine learning, and virtual reality. Among them, AllviA provides insights on technology and education that differentiate it from competitors. Our clients only need to focus on sales and customer care locally. AllviA supports you in acquiring a larger customer base.

Education is a long-term investment. EdTech companies that provide quality education experiences can create long-term value for their customers, building a loyal customer base. In other words, EdTech is a business field that can build a high level of performance over time. AllviA is a global EdTech company founded by VISANG EDUCATION, which has 25 years of publishing experience in Korea. We are confident that it is possible to achieve long-term business success with VISANG EDUCATION’s business infrastructure.

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