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Exploring Winter with Wings Interactive Learning!

Unleash the excitement of learning with Wings! Delight preschoolers with fun and educational winter-themed English activities
Exploring Seasons with Wings Interactive Learning

Hello everyone! It’s December, and I will introduce you to Wings’ Seasonal Activity, a great way to teach your kids English expressions for the winter season with exciting interactive learning.

Interactive Daily English Activities for Preschoolers: Embracing the Seasons

Wings has eight different daily activities designed for teachers to use with their preschool students to learn the most common English phrases in everyday life.

These are useful as a warm-up session before the class. The daily activities help kids learn English naturally through interactive learning, but the seasonal activities provide unique learning content that combines English and seasonal characteristics.

To start the exciting winter activity with your kids, choose a winter card from the four seasonal cards: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Before choosing a card, you can interact with your kids by asking them, “What’s your favorite season? Raise your hand for your favorite season!” and get them to raise their hands for their favorite season and encourage them to participate in the class.

Dive into winter! Interactive Learning with Wings’ Characters

After tapping the Winter card, you can finally start exploring exciting activities with your students. On the teacher screen, a friendly Wings character Leo says with native pronunciation, “It’s Winter!” and gives kids an English expression that signals the start of winter.

Kids will be able to imitate the English expressions of the cute character and stay more interested in the class than learning only with books. Teachers can ask students, “What season is it now?” and students can answer with the expression they just learned.

The teacher then swipes down on the star-shaped icon that appears on the screen; a snowman-like shape will appear on the teacher’s screen. At this point, teachers can quiz the kids to guess which shape it is. You can help them answer with expressions like, “It’s a snowman!” Wings’ program is designed to help teachers interact with students in a fun way.

Building Winter Vocabulary: Interactive Learning and Engaging Methods

Once they’ve answered correctly, you’ll be able to teach them various English words that come to mind when they think of winter. Also, you can make students say all together, “Let’s build a snowman!” to begin an exciting snowman-building activity. It will be much easier to engage students when teaching with wings!

When students move on to the next screen, a right arrow and a snowball appear on the screen of the student’s pad. Then students can slide the snowball to the right on the pad to make it bigger. They will stay focused in class by actively participating in activities.

Once they roll the snowball, they can move the pad to send it flying to the teacher’s screen. Like this, our Wings program has various interactive features that use digital devices to optimize interactive learning and keep kids engaged throughout the lesson.

Collaborative Snowman Building:
Enhancing Creativity and Teamwork with Interactive Learning

In the Snowman building, kids can work together to send snowballs to the teacher to help build a cute snowman. They’ll work with other kids to complete the snowman and learn collaboration skills as well. After completing a cute snowman, ask them how they would like to decorate their snowman and give them time to use their imagination and creativity.

So, there you have the brief flow of our Wings’ Season Activities, especially the ‘Winter’ part. It helps young children learn by playing a fun game, not just memorizing English expressions. They can also understand the characteristics of the seasons, how to use English expressions in their daily lives, and how to cooperate with others.

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Revolutionizing Preschool English Learning with Wings!

  • Interactive English Learning: Fun, interactive daily activities for teaching English phrases to preschoolers
  • Student Engagement: Encourages active participation through thematic activities.
  • Interactive Quizzes and Games: Enhance learning dynamics with quizzes and game-like activities.
  • Creative and Collaborative Activities: Promotes teamwork and imagination through activities like snowman building.
  • Real-Life Application: Links English expressions with practical, everyday use.
  • Digital Interactivity: Utilizes digital tools for optimized, engaging learning experiences.

If you want to try Wings, our innovative digital English learning program, sign up for a free trial by clicking the button below!

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