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Math Alive’s Concept Tool: Transforming Math Learning for All

Explore Math Alive's Concept Tool: Innovative, interactive learning for math concepts. Transforming education for teachers and students globally.

Introducing Math Alive’s Concept Tool for Math Learning

Math Alive combines fun, activity-based lessons with global achievement standards to engage struggling math students in active learning, regardless of country.

In particular, the Concept Tool makes learning differentiated math concepts easy to understand and memorable. It is an interactive learning tool for teachers and students that helps students build a concrete framework for math concepts while manipulating the Concept Tool themselves.

Let’s take a look at the different concept tools.

Comparing and Ordering by Length

Like in the below picture,
Students can see which objects are the longest and shortest to compare length.

To make it easier to compare their lengths,
We can drag them to the left until they all start from the same spot.

The Math Alive Concept Tool’s ‘Comparing and Ordering by Length’ feature simplifies understanding length. Students visually align objects, enhancing their grasp of measurement and comparison. This tool makes math learning intuitive and interactive.

Defining Three-Dimensional Shapes by Their Attributes

With this concept tool feature, students can use models of 3-D shapes
to show their defining characteristics, like in the picture below.

Attributes can be found by using the 3D model.

The ‘Defining Three-Dimensional Shapes’ of Math Alive’s Concept Tool allows students to interactively explore 3D shapes, making it easier to understand and remember their attributes. This hands-on experience is vital for simplifying complex geometry concepts.

Defining Three-Dimensional Shapes by Their Attributes

Students can use macarons to learn addition facts. To solve the problem “How many in all?”
They can infer the number and watch the macarons add to it.

The ‘Modeling Addition by Adding To’ feature in Math Alive’s Concept Tool
creatively uses macarons to teach addition, making math fun and visual.
This method helps students quickly grasp addition concepts
by observing numbers come to life, enhancing their understanding and retention.

Visualizing Math: Experience Math Alive’s Interactive Learning

Use the Concept Tool to understand math concepts, principles, and laws through direct experience and visualization. Experience more concept tools with Math Alive. Build communication skills with differentiated digital teaching aids and interactive content.

Explore the educational benefits of Math Alive with a free trial for teachers. The Concept Tool offers an engaging way to teach math, blending visualization with hands-on learning. This innovative approach helps students grasp complex concepts and improves their communication skills. Apply for Math Alive’s free trial today to elevate your teaching experience and engage students effectively.

반짝이는 별Key Highlights of Math Alive’s Concept Tool반짝이는 별

  • Interactive learning: activity-based lessons that boost student engagement and participation.
  • User-Friendly Design: optimized for both teachers and students to enhance the educational experience.
  • Practical Experience: fosters children’s math comprehension through hands-on and visual learning approaches.

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