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Looking for AllviA’s best EdTech business partner

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Edtech Companies Changing the Way We Learn

AllviA is VISANG EDUCATION’s leading global brand in the education industry. We lead imagination and innovation to develop a brand-new education and aim to create a new paradigm in educational culture with EdTech Business. AllviA is waiting for partners who will lead an educational innovation together.

Start your EdTech business as a partner of AllviA

VISANG EDUCATION has extended its education business as a leader in publishing for over 25 years in Korea. The contents accumulated over the years are attracting attention from the global educational community. AllviA features content through an intuitive platform based on students and educators preferences. We contemplate the most effective learning method for students around the world and constantly research to develop their creativity.

AllviA’s solution is recognized as the best EdTech in the education industry. For instance, MathAlive has been recognized as an ‘assessment profile’ for Caliper Analytics® by 1EdTech™, an international E-learning organization, while establishing a variety of pattern analysis and production environments for the finest student assessment. MathAlive follows the US Common Core (CCSS) as an achievement standard. We have completed certification for each level of the programs and meet all the quantile measurement requirements by introducing the quantile measure of MetaMetrics®, an internationally renowned research institute.

englisheye and ELiF won the grand prize in E-learning in Japan in 2017 and 2019, respectively. Wings was nominated as a finalist at the GESS EDUCATION Awards in 2019, and AllviA also had the honor of being nominated as a finalist in the following year. Moreover, englisheye and Wings were nominated as finalists at the Bett Awards, showing the potential of VISANG EDUCATION and AllviA to the world.

What is a ‘partner’?

AllviA provides educational solutions through the AllviA platform to educational-related companies, institutions, schools, and institutes by signing an agreement with partners on sales and operational support of educational solutions. Afterwards, schools and educational institutions will be given the right to operate the AllviA platform in the business area stipulated in the sales contract or to approve school members.

Strengths of being AllviA’s EdTech business partner

Focus only on sales activities

Educational-related companies, such as educational equipment wholesalers and publishers, might have difficulty manufacturing an EdTech solution on their own due to a shortage of experience and technological knowledge and understanding. First, it is necessary to understand the educational context that is effectively used for the finest technology solution. In order to do this, collaborative research with educators and experts is essential to analyze various factors that affect the learning goals and topics in each grade. EdTech solutions involve the integration of educational content with technology, which requires a deep understanding in particular. In addition, it is essential to have the ability to integrate existing technologies with new ones, as technology is constantly changing.

However, AllviA minimizes additional technical support as it is thoroughly prepared and immediately available to use. Moreover, customer after-service (A/S) is available, including payment and technological issues.

AllviA’s partners run educational businesses that bring out the regional characteristics of their nation or home country, which can customize its EdTech business for targeted customers. Accordingly, many partners have achieved success with EdTech solution businesses around the world.

Strengths of being AllviA’s EdTech business partner

Stable revenue stream

As AllviA’s partner, you can use V-Cash to purchase all products and services which enable you to subscribe to all the services easily and conveniently if you charge in advance. Once the customer (user) and the contractor (AllviA reseller) determine the product to be used under mutual agreement, it is available to use by paying with V-Cash. The classes are not encumbered by issues such as solutions expiring before conducting classes. We offer bonuses depending on the amount of charge (up to 2% per charge).

You can also build a consistent service through our monthly subscription system. Business stability is not affected by a sudden increase in service fees.

A Minimum initial cost

AllviA is selling digital education programs as its flagship product rather than traditional programs. As a result, the purchase of educational supplies such as blackboards and textbooks is unnecessary. The only thing that our partners need to launch an EdTech business is equipping devices for a digital education.

The low initial investment cost is also the reason EdTech business is attracting attention.

  • Cost saving through word of mouth, viral marketing, or social media outreach.
  • Reduction in maintenance cost such as research and development, UX design by purchasing the rights to distribute solutions through platform.
  • Provide implementation support and value-added services to make the best use of services, which maximize sales opportunity and suggest for reasonable price.

Additionally, digital technology allows for rapid and efficient expansion of the service. Above all, the demand for digital learning solutions is increasing. The sooner an EdTech company can enter the market, the more opportunity there is to dominate the technological education market.

Edtech business Partner sign up procedure
Edtech business Partner sign up procedure

Reasons to pay attention to EdTech business and AllviA

Reliable partner

VISANG EDUCATION exists to ‘contribute to the happy experience and growth of everyone by creating a new model of education culture with extraordinary imagination and innovation’. In addition, VISANG EDUCATION has presented a new paradigm of educational culture with its ingenuity. We have followed the principle of pioneering new markets by listening to the voices of the field.

AllviA is a Korean smart educational content created by VISANG EDUCATION. We believe that AllviA’s complete and high-quality content will lead the Korean education wave in the global market.

Solutions that can be introduced immediately

Allvia is an EdTech solution that can be introduced immediately because of its excellent completeness. Operators who are interested in the EdTech business are often hit by a realistic wall of solution production.

But Allvia handles the right to sell to partners, helping them to do business that suits their regions and environments. Submitting your application will initiate an AllviA internal review, and partner training by the VISANG EDUCATION team to become an eligible partner.

Improvement of learning quality in two-way education

AlliviA aims for an interactive education form in which interactive activities are added to the traditional learning method. Incorporating games, virtual reality, and other interactive tools with tablet PCs or AR/MR technology to make learning more fun and exciting is involved. AllviA’s class enables students to take responsibility for their learning while expressing their thoughts verbally and considering alternative perspectives.

VISANG EDUCATION’s interactive class system (ICS) is being used as a digital solution. The key is that students are accessible while they are taking classes. Once a teacher logs into ICS, they can analyze the data accumulated from learning activities according to their subjects, which is transmitted to the LMS and utilized for class information. Accordingly, this can be applied to assessment contents that are suitable for each student’s individual level.

The actual use effect of the AllviA solution

The program of VISANG EDUCATION has had a significant impact on students interest in learning English. The principal of Ban Yansue Elementary School said, “We hope that the program ‘Challenge’ will continue to provide a fun and effective way to learn English later on. Also, I hope that more participants can improve their language skills.”

EdTech business: We’re here to help you succeed

AllviA welcomes partners who are passionate about education and technology. EdTech itself is a lucrative business that can change the world. AllviA’s partners have the opportunity to leverage new revenue streams and expand their professional networks by promoting and selling technology solutions to various educational institutions. AllviA generously provides expert support and training to have the knowledge and strategies to succeed in the EdTech market. Moreover, we support you in creating added value through marketing materials and sales enablement. AllviA has many partners interested in education and technology or who have relevant experiences and business strategies; however, newcomers are also welcome.

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